Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Michael, I grew up in south Florida living a care free life style in the sun. All my life I have been an artistic sole finding the art in all aspects of life. Everything I do and everything that I think I do with my own style. Twenty years ago I started a small computer company and decided to produce a video on how to build a computer. That video sold a couple hundred copies at the Computer Show in Fort Lauderdale FL. I was hooked on video production. That was twenty years ago. Since then I have become an expert Videographer, a Senior Systems Engineer, and an inventor. 
As a videographer, I have been on hundreds of location shoots of every type of event imaginable, edited thousands of hours of raw footage, and spent thousands of hours with my eye glued to the eypiece of a camera. As a Systems engineer I worked for many large enterprise companies in the South Florida area and built several large rendering arrays for AutoCAD and 3DMax Graphic software systems. I have the experience and talent to get the job done right. My incredable eye for detail and engineering skills teamed together give me the ability to capture all of the smallest and most memorable elements of your special events.

Media production and all that is involved is my passion. I hope to spend the rest of my days doing it.

​And riding my motorcycle pictured below. Rock on!!