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  1. Video/Sound Editing
    Professional media editing , 3D Animations, special effects, Titles, Transitions. Audio overlay/editing. Color correction. Call for pricing
  2. Media Conversions
    SVHS, VHS, Hi-8, Mini DV to MPG, AVI, DVD(720x480), Blu-Ray(1920x1080), DVD to MPG, AVI Call for pricing
  3. Media Productions
    YouTube, Social Media, Memory Consolidation, Commercials/Info, Music Video, Customer Vision. Call for Pricing
  4. Event/Location Filming
    All events are shot with Sony NXCAM Full HD 1920x1080p equipment. Roaming or stationary camera. Call for Pricing
  5. Location Lighting
    Professional lighting brought to your location. Soft boxes, spot or fill lighting. Call for pricing
  6. Voice Overs/Actors
    Professional voice overs, actors, and dancers for productions. Full size studios and sound stage. Call for pricing
Wedding Day
Premiere Video Package
Price: $900

Download Wedding Contract

Our premiere package includes a total of six hours at any or all of the three locations listed below. And all of he services listed below. Any additional location time is $100 per hour added in thirty-minute increments. (Any contracts requesting less than six hours will be billed at $110 an hour on location and $300 for editing and DVD creation. Plus $100 an hour for any time over the contract requested time. Also billed in half hour increments. I will discount editing fees for contracts under 4 hours to $150)

1. Video at Brides Home or Suite** :
  • Putting on Makeup
  • Putting on Dress/Vail
  • With Mother and Father
  • With Bridesmaids
  • Departure/Limo
** Videographer must be booked one hour before ceremony start time and an additional 30 minutes if the church is more than 15 minutes away from location.
2. Video at Church:
  • Church shots inside and out before wedding
  • People arriving and being seated
  • Groom and Best man
  • Limo's arriving at Church
  • Processional/Recessional
  • Ceremony/with wireless microphone
  • Formal Wedding party and family
  • Bride and Groom leaving church
3. Video at Reception Hall**:
  • Hall Decorations/ Table Settings
  • Arrivals/Reception line
  • Introductions/Toasts/Dances
  • Garter/Cake cutting/Bouquet
  • Table shots/Interviews
  • Bride and Groom/Rings
  • Good bye Kiss/Wave/Limo
** Videographer must stay to the end of the reception to capture all of these.

Additional Charges:
  • $10 Leather Cover each additional**
  • $30 per Full length DVD with Cover
  • $25 per Recap DVD with Cover
  • $5 each DVD upgrade to Blu-Ray**
  • $75 For second camera at ceremony 
**This also includes the included DVDs with Premiere package.
Download wedding checklist
  • Titles/Credits
  • Wedding Animations/Transitions
  • Client Selected Music
  • Final Production
  • Recap
Included copies:
  • 1 DVD 10-minute Recap with Cover
  • ​1 DVD Full Wedding with Cover

How to chose your video disk type.

This is a guide to the type of disk and its resolution that you need for your equipment at home. For those who are not sure of the compatablity between players and media formats.

​​1. DVD/HD (720X480p) This is the type of media you need if you have a DVD player at home. This is in High Definition format at the 720X480p resolution. Most Blu-Ray and Ultra Blu-Ray players will play DVDs.

2. Blu-Ray/FHD (1920X1080p) This is the type of media you should get if you have a Blu-Ray player at home. These are in Full High Definition format at the 1920X1080p resolution. The disks will play on Blu-ray and Ultra Blu-Ray players only. You should combine this with a Full HD tv 1920X1080p for best resolution.

​3. UBlu-Ray/UHD/4K (3840 x 2160p) This type of media is what you want if you have an Ultra Blu-Ray player at home at the resolution of 3840 x 2160p. These disks will not play on any other player and should be combined with a 4K television for the best resolution.